Monday 4 June 2012

Egg Plant on Toast

Egg Plant on Toast

Egg plant                       3round slices
Seasoning                     to taste
Garlic juice                    10drops
Carom seeds                 a pinch
Green pepper               20gms
Red peppers                 20gms
Yellow peppers             20gms
Oil                                  50ml
Garlic dressing              1tspn

           Season the egg plant, leave for 15minutes. Squeeze out the moisture and pat dry on a cloth. Shallow fry on both sides. Keep aside. To the yoghurt, add garlic juice, seasoning and carom seeds. Julienne half the pepper and dice the remaining half. On a plate, place a slice of bread, top with a slice of brinjal and repeat it twice. Place a heap of yoghurt on top and garnish with juliennes of pepper. Toss the diced pepper in a garlic dressing and arrange around the plate.

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  1. found beautiful n tasty, after trying!!! guests liked it!!