Saturday 23 June 2012

starter and salad nos. 25


Spinach                                    50gms
Chicken breast                         1pc (60gms)
Salt                                            to taste
Pepper corns (crushed)            12nos
Garlic (crushed)                       1 clove
Worcestershire sauce               5ml
Tabasco                                    5 drops
Tomato                                    30gm
Lemon                                     1no
Olive oil                                  30 ml


Wash and clean chicken breast.  Pat dry in a cloth. Marinate the meat in 20 ml olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, tobasco and Worcestershire sauce for about 2 hours. Blanch spinach leaves. Heat olive oil, toss the spinach leaves for 10 seconds. Add salt. Dish out on a plate. In the same pan, brown the chicken breast on both sides. Cook turning occasionally. Place the cooked chicken on the spinach plate.
Garnish the dish with a lemon star and a tomato wedge.

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