Sunday, 30 September 2012



very popular!!
Dark chocolate       100gms
Sugar                         75gms
Eggs                            3nos
Milk                            150ml
Cream (double)      150ml
Vanilla essence        5drops
Gelatin                       10-12gms


Whipped sweet cream                 50ml


Dissolve gelatin in 15ml of water to form a sponge. Separate yolks and white. Grate chocolate. In a bowl, combine yolks and sugar. Add in lukewarm milk and place over a double boiler, stir with a wooden spoon until thick (coating consistency). Remove, stir in chocolate. Melt gelatin over double boiler and add into the prepared custard. Strain the custard. Cool over bed of ice. Fold whipped cream. Now fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Pour into 8 water greased individual chilled moulds. Keep in the refrigerator to set. When set take out, dip in hot water for 5 seconds. Loosen the sides and demould on a plate. Decorate with sweetened whipped cream and serve after main course.

                                                             LIKE ABLE!!

Saturday, 29 September 2012



Veloute Dame Blanche

Cote de Porc a la Charcutiere

Carrottes Au Gingembre

Pommes de terre a la crème

Veloute Dame Blanche

Chicken stock                                  750ml
Butter                                               25gms
Refined flour                                    25gms
Almonds                                           15gms
Breast of chicken                             1no
Egg white                                         1/4nos
Seasoning                                        to taste
Butter                                               10gms
Cream                                               5ml
Prepare poultry veloute. Strain. Blanch ½ of diced chicken breast. Blanch almonds. Deskin and grind to a smooth paste, using a little water. Rub through a sieve/strainer. Add almond milk to veloute. Mince the remaining chicken breast. Add in cream, egg white and seasoning. Shape into small balls (size of pearls). Poach the balls to obtain quenelles. Seasoning the soup. Adjust seasoning and consistency. Finish off with butter and serve hot garnished with small dices of chicken and quenelles.
Ø If forcemeat mixture for quenelle is loose, then bind with little bread crumbs.
Cote de Porc a la Charcutiere
Prep time                      45 minutes
Pork chops                             4pcs
Refined oil                              to shallow fry
Oil                                           30ml
Salt and pepper                     to taste
Mustard powder          1/4tspn
Pine apple juice                     20ml
Worcestershire sauce            10ml
Charcutiere Sauce-
Onions                                    20gms
Butter                                     20gms
Mustard powder          a pinch
Powder sugar                         a pinch
Lemon                                    1/2no
Gherkin                                   20gms
Demiglace                              250gm
Marinate the pork chops. Heat oil and gently shallow fry on both the sides. Dish out on dinner plates.
Pour charcutiere sauce over and serve with mashed potatoes.
Sauté onions in butter without browning. Add demiglace. Reduce slightly. Add mustard, sugar and lime juice. Mix well. Add gherkins.
Ø Pork chops may also be crumbed before grilling / shallow frying.
Ø Pork chops may also be substituted by lamb chops.
Carrottes Au Gingembre
Prep time             45 minutes
Carrots                          300gms
Butter                            20 gms
Ginger                           10gm
Sugar                             a pinch
Salt                                a pinch
Parsley                          few sprigs
Peel and wash carrots.
Cut the carrots into barrel shape. Fine chop ginger. Boil the carrots. Drain and refresh. Melt butter over low flame. Toss the carrots for a few seconds. Add ginger, sugar, chopped parsley and toss again for 20 seconds. Serve hot.
Ø Carrots may also be cut into neat batons.
Pommes de terre a la crème
Prep time                      30 minutes
Potatoes                       400gms
Milk                               30ml
Butter                            30gms
Salt                                to taste
Nutmeg                         a pinch
Peel the potatoes and wash. Cut into rough dices and rewash. Boil the potatoes with little salt. When well cooked, drain off. Do not refresh. Dry in a vessel over low flame and mash well. Pass through a sieve. Add milk, butter and seasoning and beat to a fluffy consistency. Serve hot as an accompanying dish.

Ø Nutmeg goes very well with potatoes, however do not add too much of it as it might render the dish bitter.

Friday, 28 September 2012





Lamb boneless             200gm
Channa dal                    50gm
Onion sliced                  50gm
Ginger chopped           10gm
Garlic chopped             4cloves
All spice powder          ½ tspn
Whole red chilies         2pcs
Salt                                 to taste
Egg white                      1nos
Cornflour                       1tbspn
Nutmeg                         a pinch
Kidney fat                      20gm
Chaat masala                to sprinkle
Toasted seasame seeds     10gm
Oil                                   to shallow fry
Hung yogurt                          25gm
Finely chopped onions        10gm
Finely chopped mint           5gm
Roasted cumin                     ½ tspn
Soak the pulses for 90 minutes. Bring lamb, dal in sufficient water to a boil; discard the liquid, wash again. Add water with onions salt, ginger, garlic, chilies. Bring to a boil. Discard scum. Cover and simmer till dal and meat is cooked. Drain cool and grind meat mixture, kidney fat (suet) and seasame seeds on a grinding stone (grinder) and make a smooth paste. Add in all spice powder, egg white, cornflour. Mix well. Rest the mixture for about 20 minutes. Divide into balls 40gms each. Prepare the filling. Secure the edges. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. Shallow the patties in hot oil on both the sides till nicely coloured on both the sides. Remove on an absorbent paper. Sprinkle chaat masala and serve with onion rings, lemon wedges and mint chutney.
The meat for the kebabs is taken from the stomach area of the lamb.     

Thursday, 27 September 2012



                                                    LIGHT  AND  REFRESHING!!


Soupa Avgolemona




Prep time                               20minutes
Hung yoghurt                         100gms
Olive oil                                  15ml
Vinegar                                   5ml
Garlic (finely chopped)          2 cloves
Sour cream                             50ml
Cucumber                               125gms
Dill leaves                               5gms
Salt                                          to taste
Peppercorns (crushed) 4nos

Combine olive oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper in a bowl. Mix until well combined. Using a whisk, blend the yoghurt with the sour cream. Add the olive oil mixture and mix well. Finally, add the finely diced cucumber and chopped fresh dil. Chill for at least 2 hours before serving.

  • If tzatziki is slightly runny, add in 2tbspn of fresh bread crumbs.
  • It’s advisable to hang yoghurt overnight.

Soupa Avgolemona

Prep time                                         25minutes
Chicken stock                                  800ml
Rice                                                   20gms
Eggs                                                  1nos
Lemon                                              1nos
Seasoning                                        to taste

Freshly ground black pepper         6-8nos
Thinly sliced lemon                         4pcs

Boil chicken stock. Add rice and simmer until rice is cooked. Beat the eggs until fluffy. Add lemon juice, beating until combined. Add ¼ of stock mixture to egg mixture in a constant slow stream while continuing to beat with a whisk. Add 1/4th more stock to the eggs and then return entire egg mixture back to the remaining broth in the stock pot. When reheating, do not re-boil, heat slowly until very warm or the eggs may curdle.

  • After adding the egg, do not boil the soup, the egg will coagulate.


Prep time                                                  2hours                                             
Brinjals (small sized)                                 4nos
Potatoes                                                    250gms
Beef mince                                       300gms
Chopped onions                                        1nos
Garlic (finely chopped)                             4-6 cloves
Chopped parsley                             20gms
Ground cinnamon                                    1stick
Tomato concasse                                      200gms
Sugar                                                          5gms
Egg white                                                   1no
Oil                                                              to shallow fry
Salt and pepper                                        to taste
Bread crumbs                                            30gms
Cheese                                                       40gms

Butter                                                         10gms
Refined flour                                             10gms
Milk                                                            300ml
Nutmeg                                                     a pinch

Slice brinjals into ¼ in slices. Place in a colander and salt them. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Squeeze out the excess of moisture. Dip brinjals in the beaten egg whites and then dredge them in the bread crumbs, coating both sides. Shallow fry on both the sides till done. Peel, slice the potatoes into ¼” slices. Boil, drain. In a large saucepan, brown the beef mince until pink colour disappears. Add onions and sauté for 5 minute. Add garlic, stir for a minute. In a pan, add in cinnamon, parsley, concasse and sugar. Cook for about 10-15 minutes so that excess liquid can evaporate. Add to the mince. Lightly grease a large deep baking pan. Sprinkle the bottom of pan with bread crumbs. Place a layer of potatoes at the bottom. Top with a layer of egg plant slices. Add meat sauce on top of brinjals and sprinkle with 1/4th of the grated cheese. Top with another layer of egg plant slices and sprinkle once again, with 1/4th of grated cheese. Pour the white sauce over the egg plant and be sure to allow sauce to fill the sides and corners of the baking pan. Sprinkle with remaining grated cheese. Bake in a moderate hot oven for about 45 minutes and allow to cool for 15-20 minutes before slicing and serving.

  • Beef can be replaced with lamb mince also.


Prep time
Cabbage/wine leaves                                         8nos
Raw rice                                                              50gms
Currants                                                              25gms
Onions                                                                 50gms
Garlic                                                                   5-6cloves
Mint leaves                                                         10gms
Tomatoes                                                            125gms
Bell pepper                                                          25gms
Yellow capsicum                                                 20gms
Red capsicum                                                     20gms
Seasoning                                                            to taste
Mixed dry herbs                                                 a pinch
Olive oil                                                               20ml
Stock                                                                   100ml

Wash the cabbage leaves, blanch in salted water, drain and refresh. Wipe with a cloth, keep aside. Boil rice (draining method). Blanch, deskin and deseed tomatoes, finely chop and cook for 10 minutes in a pan. Heat olive oil, sauté onion, garlic, diced capsicum and bell pepper. Add in concasse, mint, herbs, currants and boiled rice. Add in seasoning. Stuff the leaves with the prepared mixture, neatly place on a baking tray, add few ladles of stock and braise in the oven for about 15 minutes. Dish out and serve hot.


  • Dolmas can also be prepared using filling of mince meat.
  • Dry white wine may also be added along with the stock.
  • After stuffing the dolmas may be tied up with a thread. The stuffing will not come out.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


                                                       TODAY'S MENU!

Waldorf Salad

Escalope de Vollaile Viennoise

Epinards au Gratin

Pommes de terre Bataille

Waldorf Salad
Prep time                                                  10 minutes
Celery                                                         25gms
Walnuts (slightly roasted)                        25gms
Sweet apple                                                1nos
Mayonnaise                                                45ml
Salt n pepper                                               to taste
Lemon juice                                                15ml
Honey                                                           2-3ml (optional)
Lettuce                                                         4leaves

In a medium sized bowl, mix together mayonnaise and the lemon juice, add salt, pepper and honey. Mix in sliced apples, chopped celery and coarsely, crushed walnuts. Serve on a bed of lettuce.
Garnish with sprig of parsley.

Ø 10 ml of cream may also be added with mayonnaise.
Ø You may substitute mayonnaise with cream.
Ø If lettuce is not available, substitute with shredded cabbage.

Escalope de Vollaile Viennoise

Prep time:                                                30 minutes

Chicken breast (boneless)                        4nos
Eggs                                                            2nos
Refined oil                                                 60ml
Bread crumbs                                             150gm
Lemon                                                         1 no
Capers                                                         40gm
Chopped parsley                                        5gms
 Flour                                                          15gms

Season the breasts, with salt and pepper. Dust in flour. Dip in beaten eggs and then coat with bread crumbs. Melt butter in a pan/hot plate and gently brown on both the sides, turning once or twice till cooked.
Garnish the dish with capers, chopped, sieved boiled eggs and chopped parsley.
Ø Slightly flatten the breast if too large.
Ø After cooking the dish should be served immediately or else it will lose its crispness.

Epinards au Gratin

Prep time:                                       20 minutes
Spinach leaves                                1/2kg
Salt and pepper                              to taste
Butter                                              30gms
Nutmeg                                           a pinch
Cheddar cheese                              50gms

Clean and wash spinach. Boil the spinach in salted water. Drain and finely chop. Heat butter in a pan. Toss the spinach for 30 seconds. Add seasoning and grated nutmeg. Spread over a greased pie dish. Sprinkle grated cheese and gratin ate under salamander until browned on top. Serve.
Ø Wash spinach 3-4 times thoroughly.
Ø Bring water to boil before adding in spinach. Do not cover with lid.
Ø Melt butter over low flame.
Ø Do not add salt while tossing.

Pommes de terre Bataille

Prep time                                30minutes

Potatoes large                        500gms
Salt and pepper                      to taste
Oil                                          to deep fry
Chopped parsley                    2 sprigs

Wash, peel and rewash potatoes. Cut into cubes ½ inches. Boil in salted water until almost done. Drain. Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown and crispy. Season. Serve immediately as a side dish.
Ø Cut potatoes into even shape.
Ø Boil potatoes starting with cold water.
Ø Do not over boil.
Ø Pat dry potatoes in a neat and clean cloth before putting in hot oil.
Ø Place the potatoes over an absorbent paper after frying to soak excess oil.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


                                                  A HOUSEHOLD MENU!!

Scotch Broth

Fish ‘n’ Chips

Glazed Carrots and Turnips

Buttered Beans

Scotch Broth
Prep time:                     90 Minutes
Scrag end of mutton             50gms
Pearl barley                            15gms
Stock                                                1lts
Parsley                                    1sprig
Carrots                                    50gms
Turnips                                   50gms
Onions                                    50gms
Celery                                     10gms
Salt and pepper                     to taste
Method: Wash and soak barley. Clean and cut mutton. Cook both in stock till done. Cut meat into neat dices. Skim off fat, add diced vegetables, seasoning and simmer until vegetables are cooked. Add seasoning and herbs. Serve hot garnished with chopped parsley.
Ø Use well flavored mutton Stock
Ø Mutton should be free from fat

Fish ‘n’ Chips
Fish fillet                                 250gms
For batter-
Egg                                          2nos
Refined oil                              30gms
Lemon                                    1no
Mustard powder          1/4tspn
Salt and pepper                     to taste
Paprika                                   a pinch
Bread crumbs                         75gms
Oil to fry
Tartare sauce                         30gms
For French fries-
Potatoes (large)                     400gms
Salt and pepper                     to taste
Clean and cut fillet into supreme. Prepare batter and marinate fish for about 30 minutes. Crumb fry the fish until golden and crisp. Drain on an absorbent paper. Serve with French fries and tartare sauce.
Ø White bread crumbs will give better results

Glazed Carrots and Turnips
Prep time:                     30 Minutes
Carrots                          200gms
Turnips                          200gms
Seasoning                     to taste
Butter                            30gms
Sugar                             10gms
Prepare and shape carrots and turnips into barrels. Put in a saucepan. Add water just sufficient to cover the vegetables. Add butter and sugar and cook the carrots. When all water evaporates and vegetables are cooked, add seasoning. Serve as accompaniment.
Ø Start cooking carrots & turnips from cold water.

Buttered Beans
Prep time:                    30 Minutes
French beans                200gms
Seasoning                     to taste
Butter                            15gms
String and cut beans into lorenge. Boil in salted water applying principles of boiling of green vegetables. Toss lightly in butter. Add seasoning, serve as an accompaniment.
Ø Heat butter over low flame.