Wednesday 4 September 2013




Besan (mota) 250gms
Sugar 200ml
Water 100ml
Rose water 10drops
Melon seeds 20gms
Black cardamom seeds 2gms
Silver leaf 1nos
Desi ghee to fry


Prepare a two string sugar syrup. Flavor with rose water. Prepare separately a thick batter with besan and soda bicarbonate dissolved in water. Heat ghee in a kadhai. Drop batter through a jharr (frying spoon with small perforations). Deep fry for about 3-4 minutes. Remove and drop into sugar syrup. Lift with a jharr after 5 minutes and put in a parat. Add melon seeds; shape into balls about an inch in diameter while still warm.
Garnish with silver leaf.

You will find many variations of this ladoo with regard to colour, nuts, size of balls, size of boondi. It is the most popular sweet of India being served on every happy accession especially during festivals, marriages, birthdays, religious ceremonies, promotions as they are considered very auspicious.

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