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Veloute Dame Blanche

Cote de Porc a la Charcutiere

Carrottes Au Gingembre

Pommes de terre a la crème

Veloute Dame Blanche

Chicken stock                                  750ml
Butter                                               25gms
Refined flour                                    25gms
Almonds                                           15gms
Breast of chicken                             1no
Egg white                                         1/4nos
Seasoning                                        to taste
Butter                                               10gms
Cream                                               5ml
Prepare poultry veloute. Strain. Blanch ½ of diced chicken breast. Blanch almonds. Deskin and grind to a smooth paste, using a little water. Rub through a sieve/strainer. Add almond milk to veloute. Mince the remaining chicken breast. Add in cream, egg white and seasoning. Shape into small balls (size of pearls). Poach the balls to obtain quenelles. Seasoning the soup. Adjust seasoning and consistency. Finish off with butter and serve hot garnished with small dices of chicken and quenelles.
Ø If forcemeat mixture for quenelle is loose, then bind with little bread crumbs.
Cote de Porc a la Charcutiere
Prep time                      45 minutes
Pork chops                             4pcs
Refined oil                              to shallow fry
Oil                                           30ml
Salt and pepper                     to taste
Mustard powder          1/4tspn
Pine apple juice                     20ml
Worcestershire sauce            10ml
Charcutiere Sauce-
Onions                                    20gms
Butter                                     20gms
Mustard powder          a pinch
Powder sugar                         a pinch
Lemon                                    1/2no
Gherkin                                   20gms
Demiglace                              250gm
Marinate the pork chops. Heat oil and gently shallow fry on both the sides. Dish out on dinner plates.
Pour charcutiere sauce over and serve with mashed potatoes.
Sauté onions in butter without browning. Add demiglace. Reduce slightly. Add mustard, sugar and lime juice. Mix well. Add gherkins.
Ø Pork chops may also be crumbed before grilling / shallow frying.
Ø Pork chops may also be substituted by lamb chops.
Carrottes Au Gingembre
Prep time             45 minutes
Carrots                          300gms
Butter                            20 gms
Ginger                           10gm
Sugar                             a pinch
Salt                                a pinch
Parsley                          few sprigs
Peel and wash carrots.
Cut the carrots into barrel shape. Fine chop ginger. Boil the carrots. Drain and refresh. Melt butter over low flame. Toss the carrots for a few seconds. Add ginger, sugar, chopped parsley and toss again for 20 seconds. Serve hot.
Ø Carrots may also be cut into neat batons.
Pommes de terre a la crème
Prep time                      30 minutes
Potatoes                       400gms
Milk                               30ml
Butter                            30gms
Salt                                to taste
Nutmeg                         a pinch
Peel the potatoes and wash. Cut into rough dices and rewash. Boil the potatoes with little salt. When well cooked, drain off. Do not refresh. Dry in a vessel over low flame and mash well. Pass through a sieve. Add milk, butter and seasoning and beat to a fluffy consistency. Serve hot as an accompanying dish.

Ø Nutmeg goes very well with potatoes, however do not add too much of it as it might render the dish bitter.

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