Thursday 20 September 2012



  Lamb (cut into 1inch)              200gm
 Onions (sliced)                         75gm
 Garlic                                         20gm
 Clarified butter                          50gm
( desi ghee)
 Green cardamom                    1nos
Clove                                          1nos
Cinnamon                                  1nos
Bay leaf                                      1nos
Yogurt                                         200gm
Red chilli powder                      ½ tspn
Turmeric powder                       a pinch
Coriander powder                     ½ tspn
Salt                                               to taste
Mutton stock                               75ml

Grate 10gm peeled garlic and rub into the lamb pieces. Slice the remaining garlic. Heat fat, sauté garlic until light golden. Add in onions and sauté until onions turn golden. Add lamb, salt, whole spices and stir for above 5 minutes. Add the powdered spices, stir for a minute. Add curd, stir until fat leaves the mixture. Add in stock. Cover with a lid and simmer for about an hour. Adjust salt, garnish with a slice of garlic.
Serve hot with hot chapattis or paranthas.

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