Thursday 13 September 2012



Elaichi Gosht (Cardamom Meat)
Leg of lamb                            500gms
Clarified butter                        50gms
Onions (sliced)                       125gms
Ginger garlic paste                  40gms
Mustard oil                             10ml
Salt                                         to taste
Red chilli powder                    1 tspn
Coriander powder                   1tspn
Yoghurt                                  500gms
Green Cardamom powder       5gms
Oil to fry poppy seeds            1tspn
Water/stock                            100ml
Green Cardamom                  2nos
Ginger                                     1”
Remove fat from meat, cut into 1” pieces. Wash and dry in a towel. Marinate in mustard oil, salt, 2gms cardamom powder, 200gms curd, red chilli powder and coriander powder for about 3 hours. Fry the onions to a golden brown color and make a paste with water. Toast poppy seeds and make a powder in a blend
Heat clarified butter. Add onions ginger garlic paste and stir for 5 minutes. Add mutton and stir for almost 10 minutes. Add poppy seed powder, remaining beaten yoghurt and stock/water. Bring to boil, cover and simmer on a hot plate/grille for almost 90 minutes or until lamb is cooled. Remove lid. Adjust salt. Add remaining cardamom powder. Remove from heat. Garnish with green cardamom and ginger julienne s.

                                                      SUBTLE N AROMATIC!!

                                            Serve hot with chapatti / bread.

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