Tuesday 5 February 2013


The common cuts of fish are:

1.     FILLETS deboned, long flat pieces of fish, without the skin.

2.     PAUPIETTE – the fillet of fish is laid flat on the table stuffing is spread on it, then it is rolled up, tied with a string, to keep the shape.

3.     SUPREME – large fillets of fish cut on a slant of a large round or flat fish.

4.     GOUJONS / GOUJONETTES – Strips approximately 8cm × 1cm cut from fillets of fish. Goujonettes are cut smaller and are mainly used as a garnish.

5.     TRONCON – Thick piece of fish 4 – 5cm thick, cut on the bone from a flat fish.

6.     DARNE – A piece of fish cut across and through the bone of a large, whole round fish which is 2-3 cm thick.

7.     MIGNON – fillet of fish folded as a cornet (∆ fold as for piping bags)

8.     PLIE – Fillet flattened and folded into two.

9.     MEDAILLON – A medaillon (round) shaped portion from larger fillets.

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