Monday 4 February 2013



      I.            DESCALING & CLEANING:
·        Soaking the fish in cold water, for a few minutes before descaling. It helps in removing scales easily.
Ø  Use a fork for small fish
Ø  A rigid knife for large fish.
Ø  Start from tail to head. Work in a sink because then the scales will not fly. Check no scales are left after rinsing the fish.
·        Large fish is opened from fin to gills. Small fish from gills only so as not to damage its shape. Cut off the fins, remove the head. Remove the gills, save roe and eggs if any. Scrape blood against vertebrae as it might spoil the cooked appearance.
·        Cut with skin and bone. Fish cooked on the bone retains flavor and moisture.

   II.            FILLETING:  Cut the flesh along the line of the backbone and raise the fillet from the middle of the back to sides, first working towards the head, then the tail.

III.            SKINNING:  Hold the tail end of the fish in the left hand, first sprinkling salt on the fingers for a good grip. Skin the flesh (skin side down) from tail to the head. Point the knife blade towards the skin so that no flesh is wasted.

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