Monday 8 April 2013



Split Bengal gram 450gms
Sugar 450gms
Whole wheat flour 100gms
Refined flour 100gms
Rice flour 100gms
Oil 25ml
Nutmeg ½


Pick & wash gram. Add just enough water to cook. Cook till water has evaporated & gram is tender. Add sugar & cook until mixture becomes thick. Pass it through a sieve when mixture is hot. Add grated nutmeg.  Make very soft dough with rice flour, wheat flour, refined flour, water & oil. Keep for one to two hours. Make balls of the gram dal mixture (about the size of a small apple). Take a small amount of dough (the size of walnut) & spread over the gram dal ball. Roll out & bake on a dosa stone or thick griddle till done. Turn over & bake the other side.

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