Tuesday 9 April 2013





Urd dal washed (white) 100gms
Green chillies 10gms
Ginger 5gms
 Raisins 10gms
Salt to taste
Oil to fry
Chilled curd 400gms
Boiled potatoes 200gms
Green chutney 20ml
Tamarind chutney 30ml
Red chilli powder to sprinkle
Chat masala a pinch
Broiled cumin a pinch


Soak the gram overnight. Grind it coarsely; add in chopped green chillies, ginger, raisins & salt. Mix well. Add spoonful in oil & fry till golden brown. Remove. Drain. Soak in hot water for about 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, beat the curd. Add salt. Dice potatoes. Squeeze out water from fried, soaked bhalle. Dip in curd. Slightly press, put on a platter. Add potatoes. Top with more curd, chutney. Sprinkle red chilli powder, chaat masala & broiled coarsely powdered cumin. Serve immediately.
A lip smacking delicious snacks item. Popular throughout India.

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