Thursday 18 April 2013



Onion is a vegetable that we use in cooking on a daily basis. It is a universal ingredient that is used in salads, soups, gravies, stew etc. but how many of us know the other aspects of onions.


Onion is a fair source of vitamin C, organic sulphides, phendic constitutes, amino acids & essential oils. The juice of an onion is one of pungency which is due to the presence of allyl propyl disulphide, a volatile oil. Onion is grown all over the world, mainly in the temperate zones. The edible parts consists of the thickened leaf bases arising from the stem plate at the base of the bulb, the upper part of the leaf is hollow & cylindrical. A tuft of shallow fibrous, root emerge from the stem plate. Onion powder is a spice which is ground dehydrated trimmed onion bulbs whereas onion salt is onion powder mixed with free salt. These days dehydrated instant minced onion is also available in the market.


Onions are one of the finest tonics we have
·         If eaten raw at supper time, onion ensures a good night sleep.
·         A well boiled or fried onion helps in controlling bad cough & cold.
·         Mixed with common salt, onion is a common remedy in colic & scurvy.
·         In malaria fever onion if eaten twice a day with 2-3 black pepper provides great relief.
·         In case of bleeding from nose an onion is cut in halves & placed on the neck.
·         Toothache is allayed by placing a small piece of onion of onion on bad tooth or gum.
·         Warts also sometimes disappear if rubbed with onion piece.
·         Roasted onions are applied to boils, bruises, wounds etc to relieve burning sensation & to bring boil to maturity.
·         In dysentery & high temperatures they are applied to the navel.
·         The juice of roasted onion is placed in the ear which is an old remedy for earache.
·         A fresh onion juice promotes perspiration, relieves constipation, bronchitis & induces sleep.
·         Onion juice is an excellent remedy for epilepsy.
·         Onion is applied locally to allay irritation of insect’s bites, scorpion stings & bee stings.
·         Applying its juice on bald patches on head is said to promote hair growth.
·         Cooked with vinegar, it becomes a useful medicine for jaundice.
·         Onion is used like smelling salt in faintness, convulsion, and headaches, epileptic & hysterical fits.
·         Mixed with mustard oil in equal proportions, its application is beneficial in rheumatic pains & inflammatory swellings.


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