Wednesday 9 January 2013




Milk 500gms
Sugar 50gms
Cardamom powder 2gms
Rice 25gms


Almond slivers 2nos
Raisins 6nos
Sliced pistachios (deskinned) 4nos


Pick, wash & soak rice for about 2 hours. Grind the rice into a smooth paste. Keep aside. Boil milk. Add sugar & cardamom powder. Add the rice paste in a slow stream, stirring continuously. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, continue cooking until thick (coat the back of the wooden spoon).immediately transfer into 4 earthenware bowls (sakore). Cool in a refrigerator. When chilled, garnish with the dry fruits and serve.


Popular sweet of Kashmir and Punjab. Rice flour may also be used instead of rice. An excellent replacement for the routine custard.

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