Thursday 17 January 2013



Bread slices 2 (standard size)
Chicken breast 1nos
Egg white 1nos
Garlic 2cloves
Ginger 5gms
Coriander leaves 5gms
Mint leaves 10nos
Soy sauce 5drops
Salt to taste
Peppercorns (crushed) 5nos
Green chilies 2nos
Oil to fry
Sesame seed 5gms


Debone the breast. On a chopping board, place the meat, garlic, ginger, coriander leaves, mint and green chillies and mince into a fine paste with the help of a cleaver. Transfer the paste to a bowl. Add in egg white, salt, soy sauce and peppercorns. Apply on one side of the bread slice uniformly. Heat oil in a wok. Apply sesame seeds over the paste and immerse the slices into oil with paste side down. Deep fry for about 3- 4 minutes. Turn the side, when golden. Remove and drain on an absorbent paper. Remove the edges. Cut into 2 or 4 triangles and serve immediately on a plate with a lemon curd dip or ketchup.

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