Friday 15 March 2013




Eggs 2nos
Flour 60gms
Milk 50ml
Salt to taste
Nutmeg a pinch


Slightly beat eggs. Mix in flour, stirring continuously until thick. Thin out the mixture by mixing in milk. Add salt & nutmeg. Strain the mixture. Pour a ladle on a non-stick pan. Put over medium fire. Turn out & heat for 20 seconds. Remove. Repeat.


French beans 30gms
Carrots 60gms
Fresh mushrooms 30gms
Capsicum 30gms
Cabbage 50gms
Onions 30gms
Celery 20gms
Dried mixed herbs 2gms
Salt to taste
Crushed peppercorns 4nos
Tobasco  8 to 10 drops
B├ęchamel 30ml
Yellow butter 40gms
Tomato concasse 15gms


String  beans. Peel carrots. Slice mushrooms. Julienne the remaining vegetables. Heat 20gms butter over medium fire. Sweat mushrooms for 1 minute. Add in remaining vegetables, salt. Stir for about 5 to 7 minutes. Add in the remaining ingredients. Mix well. Remove from fire. Cool the mixture. Put ¼ of the vegetable on a crepe in the centre. Fold like a pancake.
Heat remaining butter. Place pancake & shallow fry, turning occasionally until crepes are crisp & golden brown. Pour saffron sauce over. Serve with glazed carrots & turnips.


Bechamel sauce 75ml
Saffron ¼ gm
Salt to taste
Fresh cream 30ml
Lukewarm milk 20ml
Processed cheese 50gms


Soak saffron in milk. Heat b├ęchamel, add in saffron, salt. Stir. Add in cream. Bring to boil. Add cheese, stir. When cheese melts, remove. Pour over crepes.

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